Use your business apps with Google Sheets

Gasket lets you operate SaaS platforms from Google Sheets. Discover and access the data you work with every day, and build powerful composite views of the apps you use like Intercom + MailChimp + GoSquared. Create, sync, share and scale your workflow with the Gasket Addon for Google Spreadsheets.

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looks awesome to create a flexible CRM with!
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Thanks Paul! Everyone who works with customer data knows you need a spreadsheet to sense check, wean and clean. Now you can work in your personal 'spreadsheet CRM' even if your company runs on tools like Salesforce.
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Cheers from the competitors - :) Waiting for you to go public!
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It's a great looking app. I can add value to this i.e. from Gsheets one could easily make a real-time KPI Dashboard :-)
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