Dropbox for PC Games Saves


Dropbox for PC Games Saves

GameWisp syncs, saves, and manages all your saved games for the PC games you own. The service provides a simple, multi-platform way to backup your saved games to the cloud and sync them between all your machines. Additionally, GameWisp offer the only platform available to easily share and download saved games with other people who play the game you love.

When a game gets downloaded, files are usually saved in the local My Documents folder. We need to copy those save files to Dropbox and then generate a symbolic link pointing to Dropbox the original save folder. In this way, whenever you plan to save the game, it will get redirected to the synced saves in Dropbox.

To make this job easy, we’ve divided the process into several steps for clarity.

1: Backup The Files
The first job is backing up the saves you intend to synchronize.

These files might represent a significant amount of gaming time, so a backup is highly important, and this should be the first step.

2: Install the Dropbox Client
Installing the Dropbox Client should be the next step, as it will simplify the synchronization process.

However, ensure there is enough free space available before initiating it so the effort isn’t wasted.

3: Locate the Saved Game Files
Find out where the game files are stored on local machine. Ideally, it should be found in the My Documents folder or in a My Games folder within it, but the location varies depending on the game.

If you still can’t figure it out, try to right click on the game’s shortcut icon, and choose Open File Location from the pop up options.

4: Transfer Saved Folders to Dropbox
This is pretty easy. Let’s say the game saves are located in the My Games folder and you want to move them. Now, all you need to do is simply create a folder in your Dropbox and copy the files into it and that’s all; the files from PC to Dropbox will be transferred seamlessly.

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