Fresh Security

A hacker’s view of you and your business

Fresh Security

A hacker’s view of you and your business

Fresh Security provides a hacker’s view, so you can change passwords and provide targeted cyber security training before they come looking.

The process starts by sending a single email from your business account. We use this to automatically discover the highly visible people in your team – the ones most likely to be targeted by hackers. From there, we search the dark web for stolen passwords and sensitive information and report back to you immediately. There’s a dashboard so you can see the details, and you get weekly and monthly reports to see changes. You see everything we know for free (no credit card required). And only pay for ongoing monitoring, after you’ve seen what we can do.

Trialled. Came back with big zero. Not sure whether I should be happy or sad. I wanted to add more email addresses but it wasn't too obvious.

All the best
@SkilledUpLife Being hard to find is a good thing, as it makes it harder for a hacker to find ways into your business.

Several of our private preview customers added more email addresses to get better coverage. For example - Clifton High School add more when they had to switch to remote teaching in March. (https://freshsec.com/blog/customer-story-visibility-of-data-breaches-is-clearer-and-responding-is/)

Thanks for the feedback - we'll make it clearer. In the meantime, I've sent you an email on how to add more accounts. Thanks for taking a look.


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