Affiliate and referral tracking for SaaS and eCommerce

FirstPromoter helps you launch a fully featured affiliate and referral program in just a few minutes thanks to our 1-click Stripe integration. With FirstPromoter you can easily track, manage and reward your promoters, affiliates and influencers for referring new customers. You can set any type of rewards, from life-time recurring commissions to credits, free months or swag like T-shirts. Your promoters will also get a fully branded dashboard to view their stats and share their personalized referral links.

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One of the most effective growth strategies I tried was building partnerships with top influencers and affiliates(like bloggers, forum owners, etc) in my niche. It's a great way to gain trust and exposure, even if you are just a startup(recommended) or an established business.

To accomplish this I needed a way to track, manage and reward my partners and since I couldn't find any affordable solutions for a small SaaS company, I build FirstPromoter.

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