The project management tool you always wanted for your small company

Fiirefly is a project-management app that helps small & medium businesses managing their timesheets for client reporting and tracking business key metrics.

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Hi there,

We are a small business who developed our own project-management app for internal use and we've been thinking to make it available for other small businesses.

For now we are seeking small business and project managers interested in our solution and the web app is coming soon.

We would really appreciate your feedback.

Thanks, Alin R.
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I'm a sole trader with no team and no clients (yet), but I do have projects I'm working on and wonder if this could be of value to me in the short-term as well as in the longer-term.
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@ianmayman Hi there Ian. Glad you reached out :). I think Fiirefly can be of value for yourself and now we are working hard to make available as soon as possible an MVP version with core functionalities so that you could make an idea about the product and its utility. What do you say if you continue this conversation on twitter (or skype) and keep in touch?

Alin R. - Fiirefly

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