Launch code dark and deploy it when you are ready


Launch code dark and deploy it when you are ready

FeatureSwitches is a service that allows your team to write code and deploy it dark so that it can be enabled for who you want, when you want, without needing to muck around in the database or re-deploy your app. FeatureSwitches lets you turn a feature on or off for everyone, enable for specific users or groups of users or rollout to a percentage of total users.

Additionally, your product, QA and marketing teams no longer need to bother the development team to see if features are enabled. They can even enable features for themselves in the dashboard, freeing up engineering time for more important tasks like writing features and fixing bugs.

I really like the idea of 'feature flipping', but have yet to implement it at BetaList. How does FeatureSwitches compare to the open source alternatives?

For reference here are few of the Ruby gems we're considering at BetaList:

@marckohlbrugge There are a few differences. You are able to maintain switches for any language/platform from one central location without doing any extra coding. So, for example, your UI team using any JavaScript frontend framework can use a the FeatureSwitches JavaScript library while your backend Ruby/Python/etc can use its own library.

Also, while some of the open source libraries have a UI component it's not nearly as user friendly or full featured. We aim to allow not only developers but also product, marketing and QA to be able to create and manage switches. This is especially helpful with the ability to enable features for certain users/groups, so a product team member could enable a feature for themselves without needing to pester a dev.

And finally, we have, or are working on, more advanced features like A/B testing and gradual rollout instead of simply turning a feature on or off.
@JoelWeirauch Ah yes, that makes a lot of sense. I can see how having to deal with features that span across multiple parts of the application (Javascript, Ruby, etc) would be difficult to manage using a Ruby-only solution. Having a universal way to deal with it, would be quite handy indeed.

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