Get personalized toys for kids at home on rotation


Get personalized toys for kids at home on rotation

Elfbox delivers a personalized selection of high quality developmental toys for kids on a rotational basis. No more searching for toys every month and no more clutter at home!

We combine child development expertise and algorithms to deliver monthly boxes of toys to your doorstep that are personalized to your child's preferences and developmental goals. Using the toys on a rotational basis ensures that your home is clutter free and your child has access to an evolving collection of high quality & diverse learning material.

Just wanted to share the backstory of why we got started with Elfbox.

I was looking to buy toys for my nephew for his 1st birthday last year. I went to Toys R Us (before they decided to shut down :P), thinking that this is where people buy toys. After spending several hours walking their aisles, I walked out of the store with a sensory overload of lights and sounds. I realized that I didn't want to get anything for my nephew from there. It took me several days of online research to find appropriate toys made with safe & natural materials for my nephew.

After speaking to my cousins and friends about this issue, I realized that when it comes to toys, parents struggle with the following issues on a regular basis -

1) It is really difficult to find good quality, engaging toys for children on an ongoing basis. Parents often don't know what the right toy for their child's developmental stage is. Providing kids with the right set of toys for their developmental stage is critical since children learn most of their foundational skills (cognitive, physical, social, emotional) through play.

2) Clutter. Parents have to deal with clutter every day because kids outgrow toys very fast. There is no easy, frictionless way to reuse or recycle toys. Families end up hoarding them for years. This problem becomes even more acute for millennial parents who live in space constrained urban settings.

This provided the motivation to start Elfbox. Our aim is to give parents access to expert-recommended high-quality developmental toys for their kids without having to own them.

If there are any parents here, we would love to hear your stories about how you manage your toy collection!

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