Leave drops where you travel, for others to discover


Leave drops where you travel, for others to discover

dropdrop allows you to leave a message or photo at your current location.”.
 Other people can see drops you leave behind, and you can discover drops near you. Want to plan a pickup game with your friends? Have something to sell that
 you need picked up? New to the area, and need some local tips? Everything
 on dropdrop is centered around location, so drops are relevant and timely.

Nothing you share on dropdrop has to last forever, and you don’t have to drop or comment as yourself. You can share drops only with your friends, 
or use stamps to post anonymously. All drops fade away eventually, and the duration, size, and audience of your drop is fully customizable.

Hi everyone!

Founder of dropdrop here. I'm excited to hear everyone's feedback on our messaging app. We really wanted to connect online communication with the real world by associating messages and photos to a real place and time.

We have an extensive road map laid out for upcoming features, including gifs, video, directions to drops, and the ability to pick up and move drops.

It's a very open platform, so the implications for use are really up to the individual. We've seen people leave surprise messages for their friends at a place they know they frequent. We've seen tips for locals dropped at different establishments. And we're working out rules for an upcoming scavenger hunt using drops.

For the technically inclined, you can think of drops as Bluetooth beacons without the hardware. You determine the duration and radius of each drop you create. We've seen accuracy up to 10 meters.

I'm looking forward to hearing from you all! Ask me anything!
@craigphares congrats on being featured on BetaList!

Do you use or planning to use any mobile analytics tool for your app? I'd suggest trying http://inapptics.com/, which will help you understand how people use your app and improve your app performance and engagement based on those results.

We are also in the beta stage and are looking for awesome apps to join our beta and use our tool for free. Visual user flows, heat maps, crash reports, general statistics and all for free for our beta users :)
@tigranhakobian Thanks! Yes, we have analytics integrated into dropdrop. inapptics looks great, and I'll definitely check it out.
@craigphares Thanks! You can just sign up using the form on the website to get the invite and we will contact you with more details.

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