Free turbo prototyping tool for website ideation and collaboration


Free turbo prototyping tool for website ideation and collaboration

Draftium is a turbo website prototyping tool, allowing you to visualize an idea in 15-30 min and collect feedback in one place.

Why Draftium? ⏱Visualize your website idea in minutes using 300+ pre-built templates. 🖍Customize your prototype with 250+ ready-to-use blocks. ⚙️Add or remove block elements, change typography settings in one click. 🤝Collect feedback, discuss, and approve your project right on the structure. 📱Don’t worry about a mobile version. Your prototype will adapt to any device automatically. 🖼Add free images&icons from our library. 🌐Keep your project always up to date online.

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Hello BetaList Community

We've done 500+ websites for our customers during the last 6 months and realized that the main challenge is not to develop the website for a customer but to collect the content and synchronize the vision together.

We started to look at many prototyping tools and found that all of them operate with elements and it takes hours and hours to complete the prototype for a client - it doesn't work us internally.

So we've had to build our own turbo solution. This is how Draftium was born. Now, we've decided to release it as a free tool for other developers, studios and marketers to improve their process internally and externally.

We see the future of the tool as one single place for ideating with the customer and collecting all digital assets from him and the feedback too. Hope you guys will enjoy the product and provide a valuable feedback.

All BetaList users get 70% off the Pro plan with promo code: BTLST70
I love the simple interface - it was really easy to get used to the new tool and I managed to create a prototype in about 20 min. Good job!
This is just what I was looking for — an easy-to-use prototyping tool for websites. Subscribed to your future updates! Like.
One of the best tools in 2018! Very flexible prototype tools.
Great service! I used Draftium to create a website prototype for my new event. It took me only half an hour to create a prototype and send it to a developer.
It all looks fantastic, and the customer service was fast and brilliant in answering almost all my questions. I found the Betalist discount code isn't valid. Is it just not valid because of the Christmas offer? When does the Christmas offer end? Will the Betalist code be valid at a later date? Will renewal pricing be the standard pricing? Thank you.
@TomaszBanas so, sorry, Tomasz for inconveniences. Now, we’ve fixed everything and Coupon works. You can try to apply it ;)
@draftium I'm in, just purchased the PRO. Questions:

1. Are you working on the speed improvement?
2. How to invite guests so we can collaborate?
3. How to export prototypes?
4. Is there a public roadmap / feature request? I hope there is something great like Canny platform that's easy for users to communicate bugs and needs.

Looking forward to hearing from you.
By the way, you have used @KoviDaria 's picture as "Jannet Cole" "Copy Writer" on your website as satisfied customer :)

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