Don't Leave It!

This iOS app remembers your stuff

Don't Leave It!

This iOS app remembers your stuff

Don’t Leave It! reminds you not to leave your location without bringing your personal items with you. No extra hardware required.

With our app it's easy to stop leaving your personal belongings behind: Just select an item, set your perimeter distance, and get reminded when you walk away.

Clever idea! It seems like much of this is already possible with iOS reminders (please correct me if I'm wrong), but your UI is more accessible and a better fit for the use case of "stuff to bring"-reminders.

Will the app be integrated with iOS Reminders and Siri, or are the reminders stored in their own database?
@marckohlbrugge Thanks for your feedback and the kind words.

iOS location-based reminders can remind you when you get TO somewhere. Our app is designed to remind you when you leave FROM somewhere. It's an important nuance for the different use case we're trying to serve (i.e. don't forget your stuff when you leave).

We plan to incorporate Siri, but not at launch. It's in the plan, and I hope we can get to it soon!

Our reminders are created, triggered and fired in-app - it allows us to better handle the complex calculations better.

Thanks again, Marc. Hope you find the app useful!
@omicAustin Thanks for the clarification.

For what it's worth though, it is possible in iOS to set reminders when leaving a location too. When adding the location you can set the address (top of the screen), the radius (using the map on the bottom of the screen), and choose between "When I Arrive" and "When I leave" (middle of the screen).
@marckohlbrugge Yes, you're right. What we're trying to achieve is a smaller scale level of accuracy, where our reminders are based on leaving a place vs. leaving an area.

We also utilize different data sources depending on signal strength (for example, integrating step count if GPS is weak) with the goal of getting more specific with our reminders.

And as you mentioned, hopefully the streamlined UI/process will help differentiate as well. :)
@omicAustin Ah I see what you mean. iOS Reminders does indeed often remind me a little late. Taking into account step count, wifi signals, Bluetooth connections, etc would make a lot of sense.
This is an idea that’s been floating around without a “killer app” implementation. This could be the new champion. There are many early-stage dementia and Alzheimer’s disease patients that could really use this to help with their daily items lists. I suffer from occasional absent-mindedness/distraction so I’m looking forward to using it myself!
@jasonology Thanks for your feedback! Hope you find Don't Leave It! helpful. I'm a forgetful person myself, and was sick of hanging up my backpack on the hook under the bar and thinking "I know I'm going to forget that..."

Even since I left my tablet in the airplane seat-back pocket a few years ago (and wasted $30 cab fare back to the airport and 45 mins at the lost and found counter), I've been kicking around this idea. Happy to have finally brought it to life, and I hope it saves some stress for our users :)

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