Simple, clean sales pages for your domains


Simple, clean sales pages for your domains

DomaHub is a fully customizable storefront for your domain portfolio. We provide verified offer forms, managed payments, custom page designs, custom email branding, traffic statistics, and much more.

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Really interesting idea, but I have some concerns. What happens after the rental period is over? You've invested a lot of time into building a brand and driving traffic to your site, and then poof, it's gone.

Is it possible to negotiate a buy out price upfront? If so, will Domahub hold the domain in escrow so the owner can't back out?
@marckohlbrugge Thanks for the feedback. What we're envisioning is actually an new concept for the usage of domain names. Your concerns are 100% valid for the traditional and static use of domains--with branding, backlinks, and the like.

What we're imagining is a new concept that is a lot more short term. A domain name doesn't have to be a set-in-stone brand or static entity, it can be fluid and used by multiple parties in a given time frame.

Here are the types of domains that we're targeting:

* generic easy to remember domains (happybirthday.com, congratulations.com, marryme.com)
* phrases / every day sayings (whathappensthen.com, hireme.com, ineedajob.com, insulttoinjury.com)
* slogans / hashtags / marketing campaign phrases (greatestofalltime.com, itsfinallyhere.com, thenextbigthing.com)

You can find more information on our website.
@domahub Good answer :)

I wonder how big the market is for the first two options, but I can one for advertising campaigns. You want something that's easy to remember or type in when you see it on TV. A few months after the campaign nobody remembers the URL anymore and it's okay for another brand to use it. (maybe with some content restrictions)
@marckohlbrugge Yup! Exactly our thought process. Things like radio advertisements, video advertisements, commercials, pretty much anything ad-related can benefit from memorable domain names.
I love the concept, I think it s a great way for novice domainers to get their hands on high quality domain names for the time period they desire.

Just curious, assume Client A rents the domain 'domainname.com' for a 6 month term and shares 'domainname.com' on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, etc. After the 6 month term, a new client rents the same 'domainname.com' and proceeds to also share 'domainname.com' on their social media accounts. Wouldn't Client A then have links on their social media accounts pointing to Client B's website? Would Client A need to manually remove every social media/blog post they shared using 'domainname.com'?
@ethoni59 Yes. Theoretically, that is what would happen.
@domahub Is this a concern for you as your platform grows? I find this to be the only limitation to having repeat customers as they might find this to be a bit of an inconvenience.
@ethoni59 It's definitely something we'll be closely monitoring as we move forward. If this proves to be a big issue for our users, then we'll address it at a later time. Thank you for your comments!
@domahub Let me know if you wish to continue to the conversation...Thank you for your help & good luck!

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