Map your team's thinking


Map your team's thinking

Delibr is a tool for collaborative structured problem solving. Our aim is to enable groups to jointly formulate and reason about questions they face, to quickly draw out all the thinking on potential solutions and pros/cons from the group, and to clearly visualize what solutions different group members believe in, and based on what rationale.

Hi guys,

Thanks for checking us out, we are thrilled to invite you to beta-test Delibr!

We believe Delibr is a game-changer for team leads who face tricky questions and want to involve their team in a structured discussion without skipping a beat.

Be first to sign up for our beta and try out our app at https://www.delibr.com/beta/

Please do share any thoughts or questions! We are looking forward to your feedback!

Go Delibr! Our headhunting teams are using the app to evaluate and compare to what extent the personality, values and competences of candidates match our customers culture, values and needs. Delibr makes it a smooth and fair.
@Porserud Thanks for the kudos Tobias! Glad you like and use Delibr!
At Storytel we've been using Delibr for a couple of months, and we love it!

Before we found Delibr, we had wasted afternoons of heated cross-team discussions which had stolen the focus of many of our software developers.

We are now very successful in avoiding these unstructured discussions by setting up a Delibr and having very focused and concise meetings for any kind of software development related questions, be it choice of technology, frameworks, design patterns, or prioritization questions.

I can highly recommend it.

Daniel (CTO at Storytel)
@bodnerdan Thank you for the testimonial Daniel! We are very happy about Storytel using our app!

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