iTunes store for independent publishers web and Facebook pages

DailyDigital is a content delivery platform, for independent publishers who create premium content, to engage and monetize their online audience, via digital storefronts that embed on any web or facebook page.

Use code betalist to get preferred access.

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DailyDigital rights a somewhat unknown wrong. Large content platforms aggregate Google-Juice, money and traffic away from publishers and toward themselves. DailyDigital helps publishers to use existing platforms such as Facebook to build great looking "stores" to sell content. Law of large numbers applies. Sell $2.00 content to 100 friends you make $200 thus breaking off a small piece of the revenue pie for content creators. If you are a content creator, nonprofit or just want to know what is going to happen LARGE and IN CHARGE on the web next sign up for DailyDigital's beta. The design, concept and creative intelligence is flawless. After interviewing DailyDigital founder Derick Thompson today, I will be writing an article for Hope, Heroes and Startups on ScentTrail on Technorati soon.
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Marty... Nicely stated. Lookin' forward to reading this.

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