The technology of the web, reinvented


The technology of the web, reinvented

DADI is an API-first development stack for products of all sizes and scale. It enables real-time, personalised experiences driven by machine learning (defo not a buzzword)

It's a ground up re-imagination of web tech, built on a breakthrough thought that 'it's all just data' innit. The platform enables the unification of disparate technologies by treating all content types exactly the same way, closing the gap between Content Management, CRM and Data Management Platforms, and making the implementation of cutting edge machine learning as simple as can be. Simples.

We’re really excited to share our project with you. DADI is over two-years in the making and just launched in beta this week.
The DADI platform was born out of frustration. Our previous business was an agency, and during the 10-years we ran it we built hundreds of content managed website and apps for clients all over the world. Typically we’d use third-party content management platforms and CRM but we always ended up being frustrated by these, either due to the complexity of developing on them or through their limitations. For the most part, content management frameworks and CRM seemed locked in the past.

So we set about building our own.

DADI is a powerful, API-first development stack for products of all sizes and scale. Think of DADI as a connected collection of services that manages content and user data together in one pot, and has the intelligence to decide who sees what content and when.

It’s evolving all the time and we have a roadmap that takes us well into next year, but we’re excited to share it with you as it stands.

If you’re a developer we’d love to hear your feedback. Get involved via Git - https://github.com/dadi

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