Kanban boards & social media publishing for marketing teams

Corro offers a platform for organizing marketing activities, creating social media content and publishing it. This is done by utilizing the flexibility of kanban boards and adding marketing features on top, to give the users full control of how they want to manage their marketing activities and allowing them to work and publish from one unified platform.

The goal of Corro is to one day fully support the whole marketing team, and all their activities.

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Hi everyone.
If you have any questions I will happily do my best to answer them here. We're hoping to one day fully support all the activities marketing teams have. This means adding support for analytical dashboards, calendar support and maybe even email marketing. If you have any great ideas on what would help you with marketing, let us know!
Cheers :)
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This feels like Trello with different colors - would love a comparison that explains why it's better/different than Trello - and the social media aspect is nice but probably not enough of a differentiator... and especially with Trello powerups not sure that will stay unique long...
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Hey Emmanuel.

We're adopting a lot of the things Trello does since they really have mastered a lot of things when it comes to kanban boards. We know that the social media publishing is just a small differentiator that powerups might be able to solve one day, but we've got to start somewhere. In the future we're going to be adding different types of "spaces", so instead of just having the ability to create kanban boards, we're going to add the possibility to create an analytics dashboard, that you can hook up with different social media channels and posts. We also want to add a social media inbox, that allows you to collect PM's, comments and replies on your social media content and either shows them as an "E-mail inbox" or allow you to drag conversations through a workflow created in a kanban board.

We're fully aware that there ain't much yet, but there will be in the future, since our main focus is marketing teams. I hope that was a good enough answer :)

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