Coronavirus Near Me

Easily track COVID-19 stats near your location

Coronavirus Near Me Was build due to my personal itch to know coronavirus case numbers near my friends and family homes. I just didn't want to know there are 24K cases in Georgia. I wanted to know how many confirmed and new cases are near John's Creek, GA where my parents live. So I built this tool.

The primary source of US data is Johns Hopkins University geocoded coronavirus data. For international locations and some US locations, I use a combination of public sources - CDC, WHO, ECDC, etc. For a US location, you can see the number of cases reported in the county of the address. The tool also allows you to see estimated coronavirus stats within a 5-mile and a 10-mile radius of a US address. This number is estimated by combining current county data, with neighboring county data (based on the geographic location of the address and the radius selected), census data, and FCC location information. Some locations that friends and colleagues are tracking include, their homes, office locations, grocery stores, schools, child care centers, places of worship, etc. Hopefully, it is useful to improve the signal to noise ratio when tracking coronavirus stats.

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