Simplify the drafting, signing and management of your agreements


Simplify the drafting, signing and management of your agreements

ContractHub is a platform to simplify the entire contract life-cycle. From offer letters to employee notices, the concept is to bring a new system to how we all agree on things.

*Quickly create pre-populated agreements, forms and notices, one-at-a-time or in bulk. *Legally sign documents with a single click. *Store completed, signed documents on the platform without loss, version clutter or confusion. *Automated contract workflow saves time from start to finish. *Detailed step by step history of a contracts progress. *ContractHub provides a free collection of optimized agreements. You can also upload your own.

Hi everyone.

We have had digital contract management systems for 25 years. The next step is a single unified platform of agreement, to reduce the time from start to finish (generation, approvals, distribution, signature and storage) by 90% or more.

The link to the Beta page will be live by Wednesday morning: https://beta.contracthub.com

We are looking to work closely with a few early adopters with pain points the area of contract generation and management.

We are privately funded and have a full-time team. Our leadership includes repeat founders with big-firm legal experience, dedicated to reducing the time and headaches of legal paperwork.

For more information on the problem we are focused on: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/contract-life-cycle-systems-small-medium-sized-simon-ginsberg/


Thanks for your interest in ContractHub. Attached are two videos.
The first one shows how to use the current Beta Version (2.5 min).


The second video shows what we are building for Beta Version 2.0 (3.5 min).


Over the next several months we will be implementing our forum/blog that will cover use-cases and common questions. We will also be building out our attorney network, first in New York, and moving on from there.

In the meantime, please reach out with any comments, questions, feedback or pain-points you are having in the document management space.

Take care

After a round of feedback, we are almost ready to release our next version. We will be in closed beta until the end of the year. If anyone is interested to join, please reach out to us. Thanks!
Simple Free Contract Management for Small Business. Up and running.

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