Build automated trading strategies with no coding required


Build automated trading strategies with no coding required

coinfu.io is a platform to build, backtest, and run automated trading strategies with no coding required.

For developers: We want to help developers focus on what matters in the world of automated trading: their market strategy. For traders: We want to help traders make their strategies come alive on their own, without any need for external developers.

Hi @BetaList,

Quick intro: I actually started off building my own bots but after some time I got bogged down by all the intricacies of running the technology itself rather than being able to focus on the strategy.

Whenever I'd talk about it with other people, they'd be like: so what's your strategy exactly and I would be like

...give me a sec...
(30 minutes later)
(give a complicated answer based on the logic I wrote)

But when you think about it, trading strategies are actually really simple.

Let me know if you think this would be useful to you. Please don't hesitate to contact me for any inquiries/questions/or even just to say hi!

What trading platforms do you use? For example for trading cryptocurrency?
There are many variants, you need to choose the most suitable platform for you. As for me the best cryptocurrency trading platform is https://www.monfex.com/ check it, maybe you will like it also.
Hey Jason!

By trading platform, do you mean what exchange can we integrate with?

We are focused on integrating exchanges that support margin trading so users can create strategies regardless of the current market conditions.

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