A technical note platform for you and your team

CoderNotes is a place to store technical notes and code snippets. Free your brain from remembering tricky syntax, solution to rare error messages, and complex concepts. If you're a solo dev, the main reason to care about CoderNotes is the powerful search capabilities. CoderNotes allows you to find a note, even if you don't remember the exact phrasing you used to save it, allowing you to focus on development, not searching Stack Overflow.

Part of a team? CoderNotes is the ultimate place to store technical knowledge that shouldn't leave the privacy of your organization. "Team"-level notes allow you to share with your colleagues without it ever leaving the business. Finally, if you're passionate about a language or framework, CoderNotes is a place for you. As individuals solve their own problems and post public notes for their future reference, everyone in your community benefits! If you think someone has solved this problem before you, CoderNotes is a great place to search.

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