Visualize and manage your cloud to save costs efficiently


Visualize and manage your cloud to save costs efficiently

Cloudshim helps you visualize and manage all your cloud infrastructure and costs, in a single, unified, simple-to-use platform.Cloudshim offers unique capabilities such as visualizing your cloud blueprint, comprehensive cost analytics to find spend waste, scheduling EC2 instances to auto shut off when not in use, emailing recurring cost reports for engineering and finance teams (FinOps), and enjoy cost savings with our smart recommendations engine.

Hello fellow Betalist users,

We're excited to announce and share with you, our BETA program is open for enrollment.

If you have ever had to deal with cloud infrastructure on public clouds before or plan on doing so, you may know the pains of managing those services and losing track of the associated cloud costs until the month end, when you finally get hit by a bloated invoice by the cloud provider (too late!).

As the public cloud adoption grows, accelerated most recently by the COVID situation, startups and businesses are looking to move more of their workloads onto public clouds such as AWS, Google Cloud or Azure, among others.

The cloud providers themselves are rapidly evolving with new service offerings and not-so-obvious pricing structures, making it difficult to track your day-to-day cloud expenditures.

We're looking for enthusiastic users, who are looking to save money on their AWS cloud, while helping us shape the product with their invaluable feedback and honest insights.

With your help, we hope to solve these problems in a single product, allowing you to:

- See through your cloud infrastructure blueprint in every region
- Quickly identify daily cost trends with deep dives and reports
- Smart schedule any idle EC2 instances
- Get active cloud savings recommendations on every possible aspect
- Control costs with simplified budgets and tagging
- Get a handle on your cloud

Feel free to reach out to us for any questions/queries/comments.

Thanks in advance,
Cloudshim team

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