An assistant for personal finances

Clerkie wants to be your trusted assistant for personal finances. The app is simple to use and takes a holistic approach to personal finance. It provides tools for budgeting, gives recommendations based on your spending habits, pays bills, surfaces recurring charges, and alerts you when you get hit with a fee or go over budget. We’re the first personal finance app to provide chat functionality without limiting you to overly simplistic messages.

We sincerely believe that everyone deserves sound financial advice. Current solutions lack the functionality and insight to provide useful, actionable recommendations. Clerkie aims to solve this and makes personal finance a breeze.

Download the app and use the code stress free

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My guess is this USA-only, possibly due to the limitations of Plaid, and will be that way at least until long after the initial beta launch, by which time I will have forgotten all about it. I hope I'm wrong about this!
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Yes, currently US only. I'm afraid you're right, it will probably take a while to expand beyond the US since we do both bank accounts and bills, but we'll try our best!
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Any chance on seeing an Android app anytime soon?
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@RalphLHaley We're working hard to get an Android version out soon. Feel free to sign up on our website to get updates on future releases.

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