Clearbit Connect

Rapportive on steroids, see data about contacts in Gmail

Clearbit Connect

Rapportive on steroids, see data about contacts in Gmail

Connect surfaces personal and company information right inside your Gmail next to every conversation. If you've missed the old Rapportive, then this is the answer you've been looking for.

Connect will also let you find any business email address, so no more trawling through sites or guessing emails. Just hit that blue Clearbit logo when composing an email.

Behind the scenes Connect uses the technology and dataset powering Clearbit.com's APIs.

Use this link for immediate access to the Chrome extension.

Congrats on the awesome product! Very slick. The Prospector is a great feature.

What wasn't entirely clear to me (probably because I didn't pay attention), but does the extension send any of my emails/contacts back to Clearbit to augment your database?
@marckohlbrugge Thanks - great question! We have two different plans, a paid one (which includes a few seats for your team, extra Prospector calls etc), and a free community plan. We're still working on the paid option, so during the beta only the community plan is available.

Part of the deal with using the community version is that you share your business contacts with us. It's essentially a give-to-get model. This helps us improve our algorithms and data, making Connect better for the entire community. We're taking a very careful approach to this, we realize it's a sensitive area. Definitely open for feedback!
@maccaw Thanks for your answer. Let's say I'm frequently mailing with Elon Musk on his personal, secret email address. Could it possibly end up publicly available when I'm using Clearbit Connect?

Would love to see an in depth overview of what data is being shared/sent, etc. Might help alleviate some of these concerns.
@marckohlbrugge we only work with email addresses that we consider 'corporate email addresses' - we do some analysis on our end to figure out if an email address is a corporate (read public) one.

Yes - we're working on a FAQ to explain this all in a bit more detail.
That's a great app for entrepreneurs like us who focus a lot on corporate clients too. Hope to try it out.

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