Increase ecommerce profit margins by blocking coupon code extensions


Increase ecommerce profit margins by blocking coupon code extensions

cleanCART helps online retailers protect their profit margins by blocking coupon extensions like Honey and Capital One Shopping from auto-injecting discount codes at checkout.

With cleanCART, you can see what extensions your customers are using, and automatically block extensions from injecting codes, while still allowing users to type in the codes they've been given. Regain control of your coupon strategy, increase your margins and protect the user experience with cleanCART. Currently available for Shopify Plus.

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Over the course of the past year, e-commerce has experienced unprecedented growth as more and more brands have turned to online retail in the wake of the COVID pandemic.

Coupon and discount codes offer e-commerce businesses opportunities to drive conversions and increase new customer acquisition while providing valuable data about which marketing channels are driving purchase behavior.

As the number of e-commerce businesses has grown, so has the number of coupon extensions that provide online shoppers the ability to easily find and apply discount codes at checkout.

While coupon extensions such as Honey and Capital One Shopping are loved by shoppers, they pose a real risk to retailer revenues and marketing ROI measurement.

Coupon extensions function by scraping the discount codes that users manually enter into shopping carts and then sharing them with everyone else who uses that extension.

This means that the limited use codes that merchants give to their best customers, or award to newsletter subscribers, first time buyers, or certain classes of customer such as teachers, first responders or military veterans, are now available to anyone, whether they have earned them or not.

Not only does this interfere with merchants’ ability to control their own sales and marketing strategies, it erodes revenue and profit margins, and makes it difficult—if not impossible—to accurately measure marketing attribution, particularly where codes have been distributed through affiliate or referral partners.

There hasn’t been anything that e-commerce merchants could do to prevent coupon extensions from running on their websites—until now.

cleanCART is a set-it-and-forget-it solution that automatically blocks coupon extensions like Honey from injecting discount codes at checkout on your website. And it does this without interrupting the user experience or slowing down page load speeds.

clean.io was founded in 2017 and has since raised a Series A from investors including Reel Ventures, Inner Loop Capital, Grit Capital Partners, Tribeca Venture Partners, and MathCapital. Our first product cleanAD is a leading advertising technology solution used by media brands including The Boston Globe, Xandr, The Chive, Pub+ and more, and now we’re building on that success with cleanCART.

cleanCART is currently available for Shopify Plus users (and we’re building a wait list for anyone not on Shopify Plus). Let us know if you have any feedback or questions—we’re excited to help online retailers take back control over their discount strategies and boost their profit margins with cleanCART!
You should do a wordpress plugin version, so much in need..
@yvonboulianne Thanks for the feedback! We're early in the product evolution and will definitely consider this as part of the product roadmap.

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