Stripe notifications for macOS

CashNotify tells you when something important happens in your Stripe account. It lives in your menu bar, and will pop a notification for successful and failed payments. So you're sure when money comes in — or fails to come in.

All data comes straight from Stripe to your desktop. No intermediate server is involved. Your Stripe API key is encrypted in your local keychain. So you know, it's safe.

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This looks really useful. Can't wait to try it!

Reminds me of @maccaw's Mac app from a few years ago [1], although CashNotify seems more feature-rich. Did you base it on Alex' opensource code, or built it from scratch?

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Hey Marc, very pertinent comment, as I actually stumbled on @maccaw's app before building CashNotify, but had no luck making it work. So I decided to build my own notification app for Stripe.
I have some other features in mind to make it the toolkit of choice for solo/smallbiz using Stripe. That'll come soon™.

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