Client communication without the frustration

Calmbird is a better way for freelancers to notify their clients of project progress or clear things up, without the usual stress or frustration involved. Write brief status updates on your own time and Calmbird will send them out, before the next email asking for a status update hits.

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Love that you're a 100% bootstrap app! It's rare. And the value proposition on this app is impressive: the client-freelancer communication can be quite nerve-wrecking on both ends. Wishing you the best for launch day :)
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@NadineNBone Yeah, Bootstrap works well for the app, so I see no reason not to use it all the way, certainly makes things simpler and easier to focus on features, rather than frameworks. Glad you like the idea :)
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BTW in terms of VC funding, we aim for profitability from the start, so taking VC money or anything similar wasn't an option for us.
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@NadineNBone We believe that once people sign-up and see the practical benefits of our app, giving them time and peace of mind every day, they will appreciate the value of it quite naturally.

Although we cannot possibly find all the #creativeagencies and #freelancers who would utilise our help, if you know anyone in that target demographic yourself, giving us a shout is a big help.

Thank you,

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