Design your remodel online - See your space before you build


Design your remodel online - See your space before you build

Beam is the easiest way to start your remodel online. Take a few photos of your space and get a digital floor plan and 3D model within 24 hours. Organize color, inspiration, products and materials in one place. See your selections in your new space with photorealistic renderings before a hammer ever swings.

As a Maker here at Beam, I wanted to share more about how we got here and our vision for the future.

Home is one of the most important fixtures in our lives. It’s the place we wake up and go to sleep, make memories, and feel safe. And it’s a privilege to now design software that makes this easier for anyone.

Good design should be accessible. Good design shouldn’t feel like pushing a boulder up a hill. And good design is something you feel—every day—from the smallest details like the weight of a quality door handle, to big things, like the efficiency of your kitchen triangle.

That’s why we started Beam. To make remodeling easier and accessible for all.

Beam is the easiest way to design and start your remodel. Choose every fixture and finish, and see it in your exact space, or let our partners guide you to success.

We built Beam to be powerful enough for top-tier architects, designers, and contractors. And easy enough for savvy homeowners.

We’re in private beta now with an amazing community of design and build professionals, as well as some fantastic homeowners. We’ve put together a killer team that’s iterating quickly and learning like crazy.

And the thing we're most proud of? Beam is insanely easy to use: choose from our curated and quickly growing library of materials, snap a few photos of your existing space and we'll empower you to design and plan the space of your dreams, all while avoiding costly mistakes.

Check out some of the spaces designed with Beam at buildwithbeam.com/explore, and when you’re ready to see what we're building, contact us at [email protected] to cut to the front of the line.

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