All-in-one Saas monitoring & testing

Bolstat is an easy all-in-one solution to keep tabs on your software. Get notified of any problems affecting your Saas with smart notifications that respect your team's schedules. Easily set up a full range of checks via our widget for an affordable price. No excuses to postpone this crucial aspect of your business anymore.

Bolstat replaces a broad range of expensive products. We monitor and test your website uptime, API performance, page speed, exceptions, user latency and regularly check the client-side app through browser testing.

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Hello betalisters! I'm happy to see Bolstat featured on Betalist. With Bolstat were trying to solve an irritation we had while working on several Saas products: we had to implement a broad range of different products to monitor every aspect of our software. All of those products we used were very nice and advanced, but our experience was that we didn't use 75% of the features. With Bolstat we try to provide all the most important aspects of those tools in one product.

Let me know if i can answer any questions! I'm here all day.

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