Bento Cam

Smart photo management for busy people

Bento Cam

Smart photo management for busy people

Bento Cam is an iPhone camera app that helps you stay organised and get things done.

Bento Cam replaces the default camera app. You can choose between single, multiple or preset camera modes and send new photos to your local (iOS) or cloud-connected (Dropbox, Google Drive) collections instantly, or create new ones in seconds. There's no need to “do it later”. Enjoy your neatly organised collections and find them again easily, within the app.

Hi everyone, we are so happy to have this released on Betalist to get tech enthusiasts and early adopters like you to get a first preview of the app! After months of work, we are really excited to get feedback from each and every one of you in order to help you with take, sort and find photos that you need on a daily basis.

Our approach to this problem is different, it starts with the camera and with the why (is the photo to remember, to document, to store, to scan, to send for later, etc). The app then makes it as easy as possible to save photos to relevant and customised collections, wherever they might be (either locally on your phone, Dropbox or Google Drive). So we hope you sign up to the private beta and start taking photos! We are very excited to meet you all.


Angie Lim
Co-founder, Bento Cam
Hello, this sounds like a great app. Unfortunately, I am on some very slow wifi now and for the next two weeks and the Typeform form didn't load properly. Perhaps I'll try again another time.
@ianmayman Oh no! But I have followed you on Twitter and shot you a quick message. If you are interested in testing, just send me your email and phone version and I will get the latest build out to you! :)

Thanks for the question. We’ve just downloaded the app and played around with it.

I think the premise behind the app shares a lot of similarities with Bento Cam - it allows you to send photos quickly to different cloud services. It is more similar to IFTTT’s DO cam app than ours, though, as the focus is very much on single purpose actions (it seems).

Bento Cam could in theory replace the iOS native Camera and Photos apps since you take photos (single & multiple) and access them again through our app, regardless of where they are stored - so you never have to leave the app. Rather than focusing on single purpose actions, we have users create collections (that can be connected to the cloud) that they can reuse again and again.

I also think the vision we have for Bento Cam is quite different. Shoots & Leaves, as you said, has not been update since 2014, and feels like it never left the beta stage - without knowing anything about who made it, and why it is not still being developed.

Furthermore Bento Cam is free (Shoots & Leaves is not), and the basic features that are currently in our private beta version will always remain free.

If you are / have been a happy user of Shoots & Leaves (and even if you’re not), we would love for you to try out Bento Cam and give us your thoughts on how we can best meet your photo needs.


Rasmus Lønne
Co-founder, Bento

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