Bee Informed

Subscribe anonymously with a scan of a QR code

Bee Informed

Subscribe anonymously with a scan of a QR code

Bee Informed is different way of subscribing to the information feed. It doesn't require email, phone number or any personal identifier. Just a scan of a QR code. Suitable if your audience cares about personal data and don't want you to collect, process or resell it.

Ever provided a fake name or throwaway email to get piece of information? Well this is what we aim to solve. We offer a publisher-follower platform where published information are delivered instantly to all followers mobile phones, without algorithms that will try to predict what is important to show.

I don't want to rain on your parade, but your value proposition is unclear.

Why wouldn't you just link them to your Twitter or Facebook page or Blog. It's so much easier for people to just follow your updates on FB & Twitter.

With this - they have to download your app and scan the QR code, which is a big barrier for little reward on the user's part.

As a user I can't fathom what I get out of this. If I want updates from a company, I can go on Twitter or Facebook and whitelist the company so that I get all their updates.

Hate to be critical, the product and site look nice - but the value proposition isn't clear - and as a business owner I guess you're paying for the value of trying to reach your customers without having to worry about whitelisting/filters, but the problem is that convincing user to download and use this is too difficult - and for the effort and money involved, you're better off just convincing them to whitelist on FB/Twitter or to get them to agree to browser push notifications.

I think you guys need to work out your strategy here. The end platform needs to offer more - both for users and businesses. As a user do I get a discount coupon if I join, do I get exclusive access first to features as they roll out. Does the app feature a custom branded experience that would convince a business to push their customers to it. Can it integrate with SaaS products easily so that there's a seamless experience?
Hello @BadGamer99

Thanks for stopping by. No worries, we're open to every kind of feedback. It's helping us building a better product and focus more.

About following vendors/businesses/entities on existing social networks, we would like to clarify that this tool is for those use cases where user wouldn't like to be linked to the information provider for any reasons. Several examples:
- I want to buy something from retail shop but I want to fully control communication channel (maybe my data could be sold)
- I have addiction problems or depression and silently seeking for the help/advice, but not ready to publicly follow relevant pages, or maybe to give phone number on their site "to be called" just to consume those first information
- I have some kinky habits and wouldn't like my aunt mention on Sunday lunch what I've been liking recently. (now would I like to create additional fake fb/tw profile to follow those things)

So it's not about usual ways of getting information. And we already mentioned social media algorithms. Have you heard people saying that something popped out too late on their FB for example?

While it may look like another ad platform, that's not a primary focus. Focus is what Bee can offer while delivering your information. How it delivers them. And it can be ads as well. You can have coupons and incentives within Bee, but that's not what Bee is about. We're aware that it's easily confused with another channel where you can advertise products, but Bee is really about shifting the control of communication to the end user.

Hope it's more clear now

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