Automating the purchase of enterprise software


Automating the purchase of enterprise software

Automately.io is a San Francisco-based technology company that helps B2B companies navigate the purchase of sales and marketing software.

We've developed a proprietary diagnostic that auto-selects the best solutions on the market based on your specific needs. This saves you hours of research and sales pitches whilst providing personalized advice... oh and it's free to use.

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Hey everyone!

I'm the Founder & CEO of Automately.io and I'm excited to share what we're working on.

After being constantly frustrated that there was no easy way to find and evaluate enterprise software, we decided to build it ourselves. Drawing on our management consulting experience we developed a proprietary model that auto-selects a shortlist of the best solutions based on 20+ data points and expert human input.

Would love to hear from anyone interested in learning more, you can reach me directly at david@automately.io, and sign up for the beta (free for BetaList users) at automately.io


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