Attlaz - Route Planner

Save time with automatic route planning

Attlaz orders all of your stops in the best possible way so you get through your day easier, avoid traffic and get home one hour earlier. • Plan routes in a few minutes with a cup of coffee and zero stress. • Have time to do the rest of your job. • Save money on fuel.

Current features: • Optimize up to 25 stops per route • Set start and destination stops • Set departing time • Export to Google Maps or Waze • Save places • Speech-to-Text • Reorder • Share route • Import from CSV • Export GPX. Tell Attlaz where and when to start your route, add the list of stops you need to make, and Attlaz handles the rest. It’ll decide the order that avoids traffic, prevents backtracking and means you’ll finish your delivery route significantly earlier.

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