Gamified anonymity


Gamified anonymity

Alibi is a local anonymous discussion board where users can guess an author's identity. Try and guess who has a secret crush on you, or who's throwing the next hot party when their parents are out of town.

Will you write something risqué and see who finds out, or will you play it safe and keep things bland?

Looks like fun! What inspired you to make a gamified messenger like this?
Good morning Betalisters!

We're here live all day to answer any questions you may have. Want to know how or why we built Alibi just drop us a note. We'll tell you all about what makes us so unique and awesome.

This may sound cliche but Alibi was built on the foundation to change the way people interact on a daily basis. With Alibi users can now build 100% unbiased relationships. Imagine you're at school and there are various "cliques." You personally belong to one clique while someone with similar interests belongs to a complete separate clique. Before Alibi's existence it would be very hard to build a relationship with that someone in a completely different circle without applying some level of bias towards them.

Again, we'll be here live all day so please send us all your feedback and questions!

Stay Classy,

@RPISH Great Question! By gamifiying the messaging experience we've been able to introduce a whole new genera of awesomeness where we combine the unique properties of anonymity with the addictive properties associated with social.

With Alibi you can now see how well your friends really know you or you can send out a "secret" crush hoping that someone will find out. Each and every time a users posts a message they've essentially started a new game for their friends to play and uncover your identity.

Our hope is through time users wont feel the urge to guess on every post, but rather they'll feel empowered to just have a proper dialog of conversation without all the clutter (trolling, bullying, sex, drugs, etc.) that currently comes with anonymous messaging platforms.
This is a really cool App! When can I download and start using it?
@disordr great Q. Our beta is live! All you have to do is signup on our site & we'll send you a testflight link. Let us know if you have any trouble signing up and we will work to ensure you get access to our app.

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