The wearable that let's you play air-guitar for real

AirJamz is air guitar... for real. It's wearable that pairs with our apps to turn your moves into music. AirJamz uses some pretty simple hardware with a very smart algorithm to sense your motions. This data is sent instantly over bluetooth to your mobile device and translated into music by our apps. Your movements now make guitar sounds!

Two app experiences round out the product, each with a huge library of songs and sounds, with their own strong points. The first is focused on casual and social music making fun and the other includes some amazing modeled guitar sounds and fine-tuned gesture control for about as real of an air guitar experience as you'll find.

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Hi All, thanks for joining us! As you can see our Kickstarter Project has been successfully funded but we are hoping to continue raising above the $30,000 goal. Let us know if you have any questions for us!

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