A simple reporting solution for all of your marketing campaigns

Aerial gives you a high level view of your marketing campaigns across all marketing channels. It brings together data for all of your teams (internal, agencies, freelancers) and all of your ad tools (adwords, facebook, mailchimp, google analytics, etc.) so that you always know what you are running, what it is costing, and what you are getting. Campaign data refreshes automatically every morning so you never have to waste time "pulling your numbers" again.

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Hey All, a (hopefully) short beta will kick off next week. Head over to the site and click any of the "get started" buttons to join. I'd appreciate any feedback on the beta and that feedback will also earn you a discount upon full release.
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@CoughlinAMike Love the interface! Kinda makes me wish we ran more marketing campaigns hehe.

How do you pull in all the numbers? Do all these channels provide APIs? That's pretty neat.
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@marckohlbrugge Thanks! The interface was a lot of work and I love it as well. I wish I could take credit. I'm the engineer/marketer but the interface is all @moeamaya and the crew @dixonandmoe.

I suppose you don't have to run many marketing campaigns when you are the go-to product beta spot :) If you ever do, would love the feedback.

The "channel specific" metrics are all pulled in through various APIs. The "cross channel" metrics (which was the original pain point that caused me to build this) are a combo of data via APIs, and modeling on the back end (along with some user inputs).
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Looks awesome Mike... can't wait to test it out.
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@daryllau Thanks! I'll be reaching out very soon via email :)

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