Weekly Stock Tip

Beat the stock market with a +90% win ratio

Weekly Stock Tip

Beat the stock market with a +90% win ratio

Weekly Stock Tip provides... (surprise) weekly stock tips. Real ones, that actually beat the stockmarket! Normally analyzing and investing in stocks is a fulltime job. We wanted to make this process stupid simple while still achieving above-average returns year after year,

We've already spent over 14 years building this system and we believe your time is better spent enjoying life rather than looking at financial statements and reading business news! Investing in (the right) stocks has never been easier.

I don't want to be rude, but why are you selling this? If it works right now, it will stop working when too many people use and if it works right now you could probably make a lot more money without selling it.
@luqa57125041 very fair question and one we thought long about to.

You are completely correct, no working trading system is infinitely scaleable and we are no exception.

However, we aren't dealing with penny stocks. We limit our stock picks to large cap companies. This means it takes A LOT of capital for any (or multiple) individuals to move the stock price so much that it has any affect on others profits for buying the same stock afterwards.

That's the most important piece to be able to share these publicly.

However there are 2 other things we do to ensure this won't be an issue.

#1 our pricing model. The way our pricing works is that it gets more expensive every time anyone signs up. Making less and less people willing to pay.

#2 Right now there's a cap of max 100 users. (Currently 66 open seats left). Once we hit this limit no one else can sign up until some one else cancels their subscription.

Weeklystocktip.com isn't designed to be a platform with millions of users. That doesn't work in trading signals just like you say.

You may ask why we bother doing this at all if we're only going to allow 100 people in the system. We're building a public record so it will be easier to start a credible hedgefund in the future. While we're building this record we thought why not give away these tips for a little penny and build trust with our customers ahead of time.

And of course we use it ourselves as well.

That's exactly where we're at now. I hope that helps answer your question :)

Mark Lyck
Your model is ahead of its time. It beats me how 100 slots is yet to be taken up, considering it's not even up to 100

> we use it ourselves as well.

I wonder if others are seeing something I'm not. Bonus points for that killer domain name and site design
> We're building a public record so it will be easier to start a credible hedgefund in the future

Is this record public already, or is it an intention? If yes, where can it be verified?

Are the weekly window periods between stock tips realistically enough for the stocks to appreciate, or does it take longer? What's the timeframe within which a tip can be agreed to have gone south?

> The stock price of our tips rarely increase or decrease dramatically from day to day

- Your Faq

Suppose I buy this week's stock midweek, does it mean that by the new week (roughly days) when you present a new hotpick, that the one I bought will be looking at a decline?

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