A free online VR platform

VRLD is long-awaited VR realization, a solid online 3D world, making you live better. It is a future way of using VR devices, expanding your game experiences. We create a virtual universe as an instrument to unite both human creative potential and work process, via interfaces and automation. VRLD allows any PC user to become a participant of a great social experiment for free, but those who possess headsets will achieve a truly amazing experience.

Guys you write that "Your product should not be live yet" but decline our submission because "it needs to either have real product images or have a distinct design that sets it apart from other startups"? How is it possible? How similar is it?

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Very ambitious project... you may wish to get some more big names in IT and VR in and behind your project...

Right now, it appears to be the project of 2 people - which is commendable but not giving users/people very much confidence - I suspect that is why you had to cancel the KS campaign.

Wish you best of luck!
Interesting project...

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