Unlock luxury vacation rentals for less than hotel prices

VeryUs is changing the way travelers who don't have enough friends to rent vacation properties together as a group. Travelers unlock luxury group vacation home rentals by splitting the cost with other travelers who share common interests activities and events, while property managers continue to rent their properties without the B&B status. By maintaining group reservations, travelers save between 50%-90% off their vacation rentals by paying a single room rate vs. the entire home while property managers can accept group reservations.

From comic to cosmic, art to adventure, or surf to serenity...travelers can enjoy a vacation experience unlike any travel platform to with 3-4x more savings when they Stay Social™. Oh, and no more playing the role of banker trying to collect funds from everyone. So stop trying to round up your friends like cattle, and leave the herding to us! Or, you can still be brave and go with family.

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