Chat yourself a plan

Tweek is a mobile app for people who need to plan. And plan together.

Share tasks, accept and decline them with either your colleagues or friends. And have an overview of your pipeline.

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Tweek is an iOS app that allows you to easily assign and accept tasks. It makes collaborating easier, helping your team to communicate and deliver.

Born out of necessity and developed by us, the people behind Teamweek, you can expect a tool that's easy to use and a pleasure to look at.

Once you sign up, we'll e-mail you the second we have something to show for.
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I like the idea of working together to come up with a plan! There is a lot of need for collaboration. I am glad you will be working to make it a pleasure to look at.
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@DannonL Thank you so much! Guys are working hard to get this app to everyone as soon as they can. Can't wait to hear feedback, once we're there.

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