Schedule free or paid meetings - 10x simpler & faster than Calendly


Schedule free or paid meetings - 10x simpler & faster than Calendly

TidyCal makes it easy to schedule meetings. Just share a link & let them choose a time that works for them. No more back-and-forth emails!

100% free to use, & just $19 to upgrade to pro for life, which offers: - Accepting paid meetings, - Integrations with up to 10 calendars - Integrations with Zoom, Google Meet, & Zapier And if Calendly's complexity & cost has you frustrated, fear no more. It's just 3 clicks to update your availability on TidyCal, versus 7+ for Calendly. Plus, a one-time payment of $19 for all premium features, versus $8 / month for Calendly!

If anyone has any questions, just ask! Happy to help
This is an AppSumo in-house app and for 20 bucks, a good deal. However, this is for people who have not used Calendly's product. If you're new to trying to end the back -n- forth, this can be for you. If you're a Google Calendar person using Google Meet all the time, this is totally for you out of the gate as the free option will cover you completely as is. If, on the other hand, you are Office 365 and using teams, this may not be for you as the page shows Zoom and Meet as your video options. And don't be taken in (not their fault) by the Zapier integration as this is not the dead-simple, for mere mortals, etc. etc. solution they'd like you to believe. Tidy, this product, is very focused and, I believe, attempted to hit the 80/20 rule in picking what they did for the target they were after. The product is clean, simple, and the free tier is of immense value if you're in the sweet spot. Toss em the 20 bucks if you find it useful/time saving even if you don't need the upgrade.

If, on the other hand, you are a multi-calendar, multi-video products (Meet, Loom, Teams) with all kinds of scheduling, advance blocks, limits to automatic number of events per day, and so on, AND you're already on Calendly, switching will feel like a super downgrade, even with the Tidy upgrade. Tidy isn't feature rich and, as mentioned, Zapier will not, in my opinion, close the gap.

I am paid user of Calendly and I did buy the Tidy pro version (and will keep it) as I will use it but my go to will be Calendly for now.

100% try this product out. The time you save, may be your own.

Well done.
Thank you, @AppSumo, for this great handy tool that everyone needs in today's time. I have been personally using a paid version of Calendly for my agency, the last two years now because I have many calendars to work within the personal front and company meetings, demo, etc.

The best part is that there are many Calendly FREE users, and they have access to one booking type only, whereas, over TidyCal, you get multiple. However, the Zoom or GoogleMeet integration isn't available. You could get away with that by using just a Personal Meeting ID from Zoom to static link here on TidyCal.

I would have expected TidyCal to allow users to select only ONE integration Zoom/G-Meet to add in the non-paid version.

All my customers are using Calendly as that is what we recommend our marketing funnel pages as an agency. I will ask some of them to make a switch as it saves money for them too.

Well done, AppSumo and TidyCal, for a great run ahead.
@IdeaBazi Thanks for the review Dave! Glad you're here
I’ve never used Calendly but I know about it — I wanted to add it on my website (I’m a freelancer) to manage new clients more efficiently in the future. TidyCal sounds good but from the reviews I see that it has some flaws.

Though, I’m gonna use only Google Meet or Zoom, so it sounds like a great deal.

Still, I would like to learn more about TidyCal’s limitations.

Also, how hard is to add TidyCal in a Webflow website? What about Carrd? Notion?

Plus, you mentioned that you have Zapier integration — do you provide API that can be used externally, e.g. no easy integration (Zaps), but it’s possible for users to add integrations in Integromat and n8n by themselves?

What does Reduced branding means?

That being said, I would LOVE to use TidyCal especially if I can easily add it in a Webflow website, connect to Integromat or n8n, and, the most killer feature, be able to customize the design — at least to match brand colors. Though, full customization is much-much appreciated.

Again, I’m gonna trying the product nevertheless!
@GeorgyBuns didn’t instead what an app by AppSumo means. Now I know about AppSumo’s app store. Maybe I’m gonna sell my own app there too haha 👀
@GeorgyBuns Hey Georgy, great questions!

With TidyCal, each booking page comes with embeddable code for you to use! So yes, Webflow, Carrd & Notion should all work!

Unfortunately we don't have an API yet, just the Zapier integration.

And reduced branding means that with the $19 lifetime deal, our logos & branding are smaller - they're just slightly bigger & more visible on the free plan.

Let me know if you have any other questions! Feel free to DM me on Twitter too @lukecannon727
@lukecannon727 Thanks for the reply! I’m really hyped about the ease of use!

Can you tell me an approximate date when you want to release the API for public use? I would love to use services other than Zapier (it’s great too!).

Also, I do not mind smaller branding but I wonder if there would be an option to disable it enyirely — maybe some people would prefer that.

I’ll contact you on Twitter for sure :)
@GeorgyBuns Hey Georgy! We don't have a public API on our roadmap at the moment, so unfortunately I don't have a date, but I'll make not of the request!

And good note about the branding. It's mostly removed on the paid plan, but impossible to remove in some areas, for example, the root URL of your booking page :)
@lukecannon727 thanks a lot for the clarifications! I’ll definitely leave a review!

Are you gonna have Affiliate programme? Just curious 👀
@GeorgyBuns we actually already have one! It’s through AppSumo, which lets you be an affiliate for any product listed on AppSumo. If you’d like, let’s continue the convo on Twitter!
@lukecannon727 thanks for the reply again!

I don’t have any more questions but I’ll ask you if I have any! 😊

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