Good readings every day


Good readings every day

Threader is the first Twitter client dedicated to threads.

🌟 Discover a collection of new threads every day. The selection refreshes every 24 hours. 👀 Open them in a well-designed single view for a smooth reading. 📖 Use our extension to display a thread directly from Twitter. 🔖 Bookmark a thread from Twitter and read it later offline on Threader.

We hope you’ll take as much delight as we do in discovering these great stories and pieces of knowledge.

Have a good reading!

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Hi everyone!

We are very excited to present you Threader. We’ve been featured App of the Day by Apple last week (https://itunes.apple.com/us/story/id1367658799) and today we’re launching on Betalist!

Threads are more and more popular, and with Twitter recent efforts to highlight them people are now used to it. They bring value and generate engagement. You can find such great stories and amazing pieces of knowledge. Still, great ones can be hard to find.

Our goal is simple: provide a selection of good readings every day.

Thanks to our extension, open a thread directly from Twitter in a single page (article format) and bookmark it to read it later offline on Threader. In our latest release, we also added a new feature allowing you to retrieve the threads from your timeline.

Thanks to the threads people add on the app and the ones Vincent and I find, we make a selection from it. And since notifications are annoying, you receive a nice quote to tell you when it’s published.

We’d love to hear your thoughts about it. Ask your questions, we’ll be pleased to answer.

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