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The Daily Debrieft

Bullet-point-style notes of the most popular stories – daily in your inbox

Debrieft reads hundreds of articles each day and provides you with short, bullet-point-style notes, so you don't have to filter through all the noise, and only dive deeper into the stories that truly matter to you. If you are a person, who reads multiple articles per day to stay up to date – then the Debrieft is a perfect choice for you .

Here is our story in 5 bullet points: 1. Debrieft originally started as a one-person team hired to help the founders save time by serving them online stories as short, bullet-point-style notes. 2. We found out it takes more than two hands to go through the massive amount of content produced daily online. 3. Friends started to ask us if they could send it to them too. 4. A decision was made to craft a daily newsletter that's short, quick, and easy to read 5. The Daily Debrieft was born, and is now being presented to the online community

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