Automate processes, tasks, & projects - Simply type up who needs to do what


Automate processes, tasks, & projects - Simply type up who needs to do what

TeamworkIQ is the easiest way to coordinate processes, projects, and tasks. Simply type up who needs to do what and send it out. TeamworkIQ's smarts coordinate all the next steps for you.

Automate workflows. Streamline business processes and standard procedures. Turn action items in email messages into managed tasks. TeamworkIQ saves everyone time and the business money. It's the easiest way to make sure things get done, get done right, and nothing falls through the cracks.

First 100 sign-ups will get priority access to the Beta click here

Thanks BetaList community!

TeamworkIQ’s smarts turn “words into workflows”. It’s the easiest way to automate processes, workflows, project management, teamwork and tasklists. Simplify everyone’s workday. Work smarter. Sign up to put TeamworkIQ to work for you.
Looks very interesting. I am anxious to see the workflow in action!
@andrewjb44 Thanks. Our vision is "workflow, radically simplified". We spent over a decade in enterprise software with "big workflow software" that took months to implement stuff. TeamworkIQ is the antithesis to that. You go straight from a typed up outline of your process steps and tasks to an automated workflow, with smarts to coordinate it start-to-finish.
Signed up to the Beta version and it works exceptionally well for our company.

We've been in search of a functional checklist web app that suits our account management processes for a long while.

Strongly recommend as a product to improve workflows and collaborative teamwork.
This event-driven workflow concept looks very promising for knowledge workers who need to get things done.
@perkrol Thanks Perry. Yes. Businesses currently in the beta are using TeamworkIQ for everything from employee and client on-boarding processes, to event prep and coordination, to construction management, to marketing & SEO activities.
I'm do glad I lived long enough to enough to see w day when a program could help me where I lag! I'm the idea person, the 11th hour touchdown. Time or people management? Fail. I PRAYED for this technology!!
Thanks @AstrologyPepper. Lookin g forward to more of your feedback. :)
Hello, I cannot find any pricing information after the beta phase. Could you please inform?

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