Multi-Platform SQL client built for collaboration and productivity

TeamSQL is a Multi-Platform SQL client built for collaboration, productivity and performance. TeamSQL supports MySQL, PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL Server and AWS Redshift and runs on macOS, Linux and Windows.

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Could this be the SQLServer client for Mac I've been looking for? Look forward to trying it out!
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This reminds me of Heroku Dataclips, but it seems more powerful and easy to use.

What exactly is stored in the cloud? Just the queries or also some of the data and database credentials?
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@marckohlbrugge Hi Marc! Thank you for your comments.

We store workspace state (your tabs, settings, etc...), saved queries and connection information (without credentials) so that you can keep on working wherever you download & sign-in to your TeamSQL account.

We never push db data to cloud.

Everyone is welcome to see our code base and see what's running under the hood since this is an Electron based app. Obviously, it's always possible to see all the network traffic made by TeamSQL as well.

We're also testing private-key encryption based on AES256 for the use of enterprises.

Happy to answer if you have further questions. Cheers!
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Sounds very interesting app!
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Very nice. I'm loving the interface and color scheme.
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can we have import export wizard across databases like from postgres to mysql and vice versa !

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