Ensure your family history is preserved and refined for generations to come

Storythread is like a private Wikipedia for you and your family.Though the magic of StoryThread is after adding a story, any word, name, place, or phrase can be "threaded", or added to by family and friends. Even something as simple as the birth date on your profile could become a winding tale of birthday memories, from your mom's retelling of your birth to your friend's somewhat shame-filled recapturing of your glorious 21st birthday party.

If you're a person who feels family folklore is important, but wonder why you haven't decided to preserve it anywhere, StoryThread is the answer you’ve been looking for.

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But what happens to our story threads if you shut down...?
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@GetSonderApp Great question! We're considerably invested in our server upkeep, and have permanently set aside capital to predictably run our service for decades. We're actually working to issue a 100 year guarantee to our users. Thank you for the comment!

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