Membership that lets you live in multiple places w/o maintaining residences


Membership that lets you live in multiple places w/o maintaining residences

StayAwhile is the only membership that lets you live in multiple places without maintaining multiple residences.We're a members-only cub that provides access to a handpicked collection of hotels and furnished apartments in cities around the world for the growing population of hypermobile people who move between locations often, both for business and pleasure.

Members can call multiple places home and flexibly go from one destination to the next, without hassles of price comparison shopping, research, or the inability to budget ahead of time. Sign-up, settle in, and StayAwhile.

That's cool that you got that domain name :)

Obviously, there are many different price ranges for a room depending on day/season. Is StayAwhile offering one flat rate? and are you guys offering (attractive) discounted rates? In other words, how are you removing the hassles of price comparison shopping? Thanks!
@jamesohsull Hi James! Thanks for your question.

When we originally set out, we tested several hypotheses, including offering the same rate all around the world. However, we figured out that customers neither want nor expect that, so we abandoned that promise since it's incredibly difficult to deliver.

I’ve been living nomadically for 1.5 years now, and I’ve personally experienced the time suck of trying to find the right place to live. Researching reviews, price comparison shopping, and using travel hacks from changing your VPN to booking on mobile, and essentially having to open too many tabs, have all led to decision fatigue and ultimately time wasted.

At StayAwhile, we provide our members a handpicked selection of professionally-managed places in cities around the world. Our seasoned team of experts have negotiated the best rates, allowing you to go where you want, without the friction. Plus, we make it possible to leave your things behind.

Please feel free to reach out to me directly ([email protected]) should you have any questions or want to StayAwhile -- would love to help you get moving!

@mischaarmada Wow, thank you for the detailed response.

I'm actually trying to become a digital nomad myself, so I am a bit jealous of your 1.5 years :)

I'll DM you on Twitter, if that is ok (already following :). Perhaps we can keep the convo going!

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