Software-enabled Tax experts for self-employed individuals


Software-enabled Tax experts for self-employed individuals

Soraban provides software-based tools and tax experts to help self-employed to minimize their liability when they are starting out.

Hello everyone!

I'm super excited to announce that my team and I launched Soraban (www.soraban.com), software-enabled tax-experts for US freelancers.

I worked full-time as a freelancer doing software development for the past several years and lacked tools to manage my high tax liability. It was until I received help from a tax advisor (a close friend of mine) at the beginning of 2018, I realized how much extra tax I have been paying. After hearing that I’m self-employed, my friend urged that I set up an appropriate business entity and assisted me with what I can deduct throughout the year & how to properly document them; I ended up saving more than $20,000 in taxes that year. This experience taught me the importance of having tax advisors who can help throughout the year. Since then, I have been working on a product to make this service affordable for the masses.

My team and I learned that many accountants out there are simply compliance accountants; they aren’t specialized in saving taxes for their clients. Most merely ask for your information at the end of the year and file your tax returns for you (hence why many people use TurboTax to do their taxes).

Instead, you can now use Soraban for a small fixed monthly fee, and you would be able to ask any tax-related questions throughout the year without worrying about getting charged hourly. Along with various software tools to help you document, run projections, manage your expenses, we also provide you with contextualized tax advice from how to structure your business entity properly (LLC, S-Corp, C-Corp), to whether you should lease or buy a business vehicle. We also charge small extra fees for helping you incidentals like filing taxes annually or quarterly, setting up a business entity, manage annual meetings minutes, payroll, etc.

Please check out our landing page & ask any questions :)

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