Private napping cabins for public places


Private napping cabins for public places

Sleepbox deploys private napping cabins. Customers utilize Sleepboxes in office spaces as all-in-one solution to rest, nap, meditate, call, focus and nursing room. They also can be "Sleep vending machines" or a module for a hotel. We designed Sleepboxes as self-contained pods with a small footprint for optimal use in these situations. We have installed 60 Sleepboxes in Europe in the past. Now in the US, we are targeting the office market, and looking to expand to other markets in the US.

Hi Everyone,

Thanks for checking us out on BetaList!

We are bringing private napping cabins to public places!

In offices, we offer a plug-and-play space for napping, meditation, mindfulness, nursing, or just a quiet place to work.

We also take advantage of our products to offer the easiest hotels to start around the world. Minimal construction and new technology allow us to create unique destinations or places to steal away in airports or city centers.

Check out our website to learn more or drop me an email. [email protected]

Super innovative idea. I love the sleek and modern design of the boxes!
Great idea, guys! Honestly, i don't get how it can be usefull for the office market. But for the hotel i think it will beat hostels in future, as they did it to the hotels ! It's just my opinion. Anyway, good luck!
Guys, please, come to London. I would be happily your guinea pig. Where in Europe you have the boxes?
Love this! Maybe you can sell it to universities too? Would have loved to have had one of these on campus...

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