Scriptable VoIP platform


Scriptable VoIP platform

SIPSTACK Inc. is an multi-tenant, scriptable all in one VoIP platform that enables users to freely deploy voice services for staging and use, without the need for a commitment.

Our Script Center allows users to tailor every feature & route using scripts. Full autonomy and customization over users systems with a hosted cloud platform is a first with SIPSTACK. No onsite hardware / PBX's are required to allow for customization as it is all done within the multi-tenant platform.

Use invite code 293809709 ($25 free credit for use)

This looks very cool. Signed up but it looks like there are a lot of things missing. Tried to open a support ticket and got a SQL error. I guess this is why it's on Beta List :) Looking forwarding to playing around with it more!
Hi Erick-

Thanks for the comments! We hope you enjoy the service as much as we do building it! During this private pre-release, functionality was intentionally limited to make sure sign-ups, ticketing and voice run as expected. Expect to see new updates / access to additional features weekly. If there is a specific feature you want to test out, let us know as we can always activate it for all users in this pre-release.

As for opening support tickets, so far we have not seen other issues with other ticking coming in, nor were we able to reproduce the error. Please let us know if your still receiving the error message.

Either way, we greatly appreciate the bug report so we've added additional funds for use in your account for letting us know!

Thank you kindly,
UPDATE: SQL error was caught and reproduced. We expect an update to be pushed shortly after local testing.

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