Moderate images in realtime with Artificial Intelligence


Moderate images in realtime with Artificial Intelligence

Sightengine does effortless moderation of user-submitted photos. Instantly detect nudity and adult content with our easy-to-use API, for a fraction of the cost of human moderation.

Happy to be on Betalist!

Sightengine helps you moderate images in realtime. Our image and video analysis technology is built on state-of-the-art proprietary Deep Learning systems and is available through a simple API.

Our first product was nudity detection and we are now rolling out a beta program with much more:
- face detection, to determine if an image contains people and if so how many
- image type detection (to determine if an image is a natural photograph or some other type of content such as a drawing, a logo...)
- partial nudity and suggestive content detection

Happy to answer any comments you may have!
@Sightengine Could you talk a little bit more about the accuracy? The "Photo type check" might actually be something we might want to look at here at BetaList, because we prefer all makers to participate in the comments using their personal Twitter accounts rather than their company's. :)
Hi Marc!

You are right.
If you were using our API, you would be able to prevent us from posting a comment here with our Sightengine account and a logo as a profile image :).

Create an account on https://sightengine.com/signup and we can get you started on the API ;)

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