The easiest way to create an Online Store for your business


The easiest way to create an Online Store for your business

Shopeasyo is the easiest way to create an Online Store for your business.

We are rolling out the ability to create and manage your Online Store slowly. Meanwhile, you can get started by creating a Shopeasyo Profile Page so that customers can follow you.

Hey 👋🏻

Let's talk about your business.

Business is hard. Isn't it? Especially in this COVID-19 situation. Customers used to visit our shops, check our products and buy them. That has changed drastically.

Everyone started selling online now. But selling online is even harder. How do you go online? Tie up with delivery partners? That’s a start.

But do they take commission and are you end up sharing profit on every order you get? That doesn’t feel right to us. I bet you are frustrated too?

Every business owners like yourself, home bakers, local grocery stores should be able to take their business online easily. So that you can sell directly to your customers.

We thought about this deeply. Deeply enough to fix that problem. With Shopeasyo, you can create and manage an Online Store for your business easily.

Hope that makes sense. If yes, please spread the word :)
Hey Rinas, this looks like a promising online store creator - I wish I could see more of the product before signing up!

I've left some UX feedback over a recording over your website - if it helps with future updates.

Link: https://app.usebubbles.com/qfg3HYVSrdmyxyxHLDM8y1/comments-on-shopeasyo-com

Keep up the great work, and looking forward to your comments :)
@cpipo_ I really appreciate the effort you took to make those recordings.

You are right, some screenshots would help the visitors understand it better. Our designer is working on the same!

The current live version of the website happened without a designer. I went ahead and made the site while designer was working on the same 😀

Hoping to roll out a new version by the end of this week :)

Again, thank you 🙏 for your valuable comments! Especially the Bubbles tool you used. It's really handy.

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